Dewani defence: Anni wanted to fall pregnant

But Sneha Mashru said Anni told her that Dewani couldn't perform in bed which made their sex life problematic.

The late Anni Hindocha Dewani. Picture: The Anni Dewani (Hindocha) Case Facebook page

CAPE TOWN - Shrien Dewani's lawyer has told the Western Cape High Court that the fact that Anni Hindocha Dewani wanted to fall pregnant flies in the face of claims she was considering divorcing her husband.

The British businessman is accused of ordering a hit on his wife during their honeymoon in Cape Town during November 2010.

State witness Sneha Mashru on Monday told the court that her cousin was considering divorcing her husband shortly after their wedding.

She says her cousin didn't even want to go on honeymoon.

The late Anni Hindocha Dewani and her cousin, Sneha Mashru. Picture: Sneha Mashru's Facebook page

But on Tuesday, Dewani's lawyer Francois van Zyl said a doctor's note shows Anni wasn't on any contraception and wanted to fall pregnant.

Mashru remained resolute that her cousin wasn't happy in her relationship.

She added the couple's sex life was problematic because Dewani struggled to perform in bed.

Mashru was privy to intimate details about her cousin's innermost thoughts and feelings, because according to her, they shared all their secrets.

She also told the court that she felt the things Dewani had told her about the events that led to her cousin's murder didn't add up, such as that she wanted to see the township in South Africa.

Suspicious, Mashru recorded a meeting with him, using a dictaphone she hid in her jacket.

Mashru says Dewani also didn't behave like a grieving husband.

She became emotional and started to cry during her testimony. She choked up while talking about her cousin's lifeless body during cross examination, prompting a brief adjournment.

Van Zyl was asking about an incident that took place ahead of her cousin's funeral.

Trying to appear strong, she then apologised to Judge Jeanette Traverso for becoming emotional, who offered to adjourn for several minutes to allow her to compose herself.

Mashru returned to the stand after a brief break.