Witness: Anni Dewani was considering divorce

The victim’s cousin and confidant, Sneha Mashru, testified in court on Monday.

Anni Hindocha Dewani. Picture: Facebook.

CAPE TOWN - A suspicious relative, a secret recording and details about Shrien Dewani's turbulent relationship with his wife have characterised Monday's proceedings in the honeymoon murder trial.

The British businessman is accused of orchestrating his wife's murder while on holiday in Cape Town in November 2010.

Dewani, who is on trial in the Western Cape High Court, denies any involvement in the hijacking in which his spouse was shot.

Anni Hindocha Dewani's cousin and confidante, Sneha Mashru, testified in the Cape Town court on Monday.

She said Anni was reduced to tears after an argument with her fiancé just five days before their wedding.

Mashru says through text message exchanges, it became evident that once married, Anni was thinking of getting a divorce.

The witness, a Swedish national, says Shrien Dewani didn't act like a grieving husband after the crime, describing his behaviour as strange.

Mashru was so suspicious, she made a secret recording of a conversation she had with his relatives about the events that led to Anni's death.

A transcript of that recording was read out in court.

Mashru says she found it strange her cousin would have wanted to visit a township as they visited Nigeria and India before.

She told the court the two families met after Anni's funeral to clear the air.

The witness ended her statement by saying Dewani never mentioned anything about a surprise helicopter ride for his wife while on honeymoon in Cape Town.

She also mentioned Dewani planned his wife's funeral on a detailed spread sheet and manhandled her body at the funeral parlour.

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