Mall robberies: Shoppers fear for their lives

South African shoppers and store staff have expressed concern as brazen mall robberies increase.

FILE: Waterstone Village Mall in Somerset West was targeted by robbers. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - Shoppers at the Waterstone Village Shopping Mall in Somerset West say they are stunned at the brazen and violent behavior of armed men during a deadly robbery at the mall yesterday.

The shopping centre has become the latest target of criminals.

This brings to three the number of mall robberies in the Western Cape since last Thursday, while in Gauteng police confirmed they had attended to four mall robberies in just 24 hours.

Last week a store in Canal Walk and Bayside Mall were both hit by robbers.

A security guard was shot and killed in this latest incident at Waterstone.

A Waterstone shopper says she's been left terrified.

"I live just down the road from the cente. I mean you think you safe. You don't think something like this will ever happen."

Another who was in Pick and Pay during the robbery yesterday, explained what happened.

"I was just buying doughnuts and then I heard a big bang. After a few seconds of silence everyone scattered. People were shouting and doors were being closed."

Authorities in both provinces say they are working in conjunction with mall management to step up security measures as the festive season approaches.