Anti e-toll protesters hand over memorandum

Motorists and bikers have taken part in a drive slow to Sanral’s head offices in Pretoria.

People burning their e-toll bills in defiance against the Gauteng toll system. Picture: Govan Whittles/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng motorists opposed to the e-tolls system have handed over a memorandum of demands to Sanral.

Motorists and bikers opposed to the controversial multi-billion rand project started off on Saturday morning with a drive slow campaign to the roads agency's head offices in Pretoria.

The controversial system went live on 3 December after months of legal wrangling, protests and calls for civil disobedience.

Anti-e-tolls protesters took their message straight to Sanral's doorstep where a memorandum was read out by Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) Gauteng Secretary Dumisani Dakile.

He demanded a response from the roads agency within seven days.

"There must be a proper investigation on the building of these roads, because the amount of money spent on these roads is over and above what international standards are by more than 100 percent."

A representative of Sanral accepted the memorandum.

Earlier today anti-e-toll protesters set their unpaid e-toll bills alight in front of Sanral's offices and a mock up white coffin with the remains of burnt e-toll bills was placed at the main entrance.

Motorists say it's time the roads agency accepts that the system has failed.

At the Gauteng e-tolls assessment panel last week the African National Congress in Gauteng denounced any civil disobedience campaign against e-tolls.

Cosatu said on Thursday threats to prosecute motorists who refuse to pay for e-tolls are nothing more than empty statements.

Some of the reaction on Twitter:

Working from my office I can hear outside shouting of the slogans by gathering protestors: DOWN DOWN ETOLLS!

Like most in Gauteng, I'm never gonna pay #eTolls. Sanral, who elected you?

Allandale bridge as we approach #SANRAL head office #CosatuMarch #EtollsMarch #Etolls #SABCNews

As much as we like criticizing, I'm grateful there are ppl actively fighting to scrap this #Etolls nonsense.