Renamo leader to challenge Mozambique vote

Opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama pledged there would be 'no more war in Mozambique'.

Renamo opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama. Picture: EPA

MAPUTO - Mozambican Renamo opposition leader Afonso Dhlakama said on Friday he would challenge elections held this week which he called unfair and marred by fraud, but the former rebel chief pledged there would be "no more war in Mozambique".

"People need to understand the elections were not free or fair or transparent," he told Reuters in Maputo, saying his party would use the country's electoral law to dispute provisional results from Wednesday's vote showing a win for the ruling Frelimo party.

The Renamo leader, who fought a civil war against Frelimo from 1975 until a 1992 peace deal, added: "I can guarantee to you that there will be no more war in Mozambique"