Oscar sentencing: Final arguments to take place

Closing arguments commence after legal teams presented mitigating & aggravating factors this week.

Oscar Pistorius leaves the North Gauteng High Court after the first day of sentencing arguments in his murder trial. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

PRETORIA - While the state will argue that a prison is ready to accommodate Oscar Pistorius and that society demands his incarceration, his defence team will highlight his contributions to society and that he is remorseful when it presents sentence closing arguments today.

Closing arguments commence in the High Court in Pretoria this morning, after the legal teams spent four days presenting mitigating and aggravating factors.

Paralympian Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide last month for the 2013 Valentine's Day shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius's defence team will argue that their client deeply regrets killing Steenkamp.

Advocate Barry Roux is expected to refer to a social worker and probation officer's evidence, stating that the athlete is an ideal candidate for house arrest and community service.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel will however re-iterate the state's position that being sentenced to three year's confined to his uncle's Waterkloof mansion, is shockingly inappropriate.

Perhaps his strongest card is the emotional testimony of Steenkamp's cousin, Kim Martin, who believes that Pistorius must be punished for his criminal act and the defence team's sentence suggestion does not fit the crime.

Meanwhile, the Wits Justice Project (WJP) has refuted claims made by acting Correctional Services Commissioner Moleko Modise as unfounded.

Modise was testifying for the state during sentencing proceedings on Thursday.

When Roux questioned Modise about conditions in prisons, he referred to several non-governmental organisation (NGO) reports.

Modise hit back, criticising the WJP.

"Their objective, my lady, is to write anything that is negative, that they have sourced by themselves."

The project says in a statement that it strongly resents any implication that it has an agenda and strives to investigate miscarriages of justice and human rights violations.


Self-confessed hit man Mikey Schultz has called on staff at the High Court in Pretoria to scrutinise CCTV camera footage, to prove that he didn't threatened Pistorius's sister Aimee.

Aimee claims Schultz used the F-word when she wanted him to be removed from the family's area in the public gallery.

But Schultz strongly denies this.

He has accused Aimee of lying, just like her brother.

"I didn't say one word to her. Clearly don't end up with Pistorius genes because same like her brother lying about accidently shooting Reeva, we all know that's a lot of crap. I don't know where she came up with that. They can go look at the footage, see if I even made one comment to her."

However, later, during a radio interview Schultz swore at a female caller when he was asked about killing Brett Kebble.

He being was interviewed by 702's Xolani Gwala when a woman called in, asking how he felt about killing Kebble and described him as a despicable man.

Schultz then said, "I've got an answer for her… 'You can go f*** yourself.'"

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