Yet another robbery at Canal Walk

This is the third store to be targeted at the mall in the past two weeks.

The Canal Walk Shopping Centre in Cape Town. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - There's been yet another robbery at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre.

Details are sketchy at this stage, but it's understood robbers targeted a shop just before closing time on Thursday night.

This very same shopping centre fell prey to criminals last week in two separate robberies.

Meanwhile, a shop assistant says customers are voicing their safety concerns after last week's robberies.

Eyewitness News visited the shopping centre on Thursday, to try and gauge if security measures have been sharpened following the heists.

At least seven malls have been hit by criminals in Cape Town in recent weeks.

The shop assistant says despite the presence of several patrolling security guards and increased security, they're still worried.

"I don't feel safe or more secure. I think anything can happen at any given time and there's nothing to stop these people from doing it again."

He believes the robberies are impacting on sales.

"I think it affected a lot of sales, especially. I have seen a drop in sales since it happened."

Other retailers have told Eyewitness News they believe more needs to be done to boost safety and security in malls.

Management at Canal Walk Shopping Centre have handed over CCTV footage to help police investigate the latest heist.

Meanwhile, a retail risk analyst says deploying armed police officers and guards to shopping centres won't necessarily reduce crime.

Security analyst Michael Broughton says, "Our concern about putting more armed guards in just elevates the risk of a shootout. So you put in armed guards and now they're going to get trigger happy."