SA in line to host Afcon as Morocco looks set to withdraw

This comes after Morocco asked for the tournament to be delayed due to the threat of Ebola.

SAFA President, Danny Jordaan. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - In a letter drafted on the 12th of October, in the possession of EWN Sport, CAF has asked SAFA, as well as others, to consider hosting the 2015 edition instead of Morroco.

This comes after the North African country asked for the tournament to be delayed due to the potential threat of the Ebola virus.

CAF has decided that this is not possible and will lead a delegation to the country on 3 November to confirm their position.

The letter asks that if Morocco is not able to host the tournament that South Africa be willing to host the 30th edition of the tournament.

Other countries have also been sounded out about the possibility, and should there be two or more positive responses, then a draw will be held to designate who will replace Morocco.

SAFA's Emergency Committee will meet on Friday on to consider their position.

The letter from the CAF secretary general reads as follows:

Dear President,

Following the request of Morocco to delay the staging of the final phase of the 30th edition of the Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2015 to be held in Morocco from 17th January to 08th of February 2015, please note that CAF wishes to maintain the dates of the final phase as initially fixed.

The CAF President will lead a delegation that will proceed to Morocco on November 03rd in order to meet the Moroccan stakeholders and confirm CAF's position.

In case Morocco refuses to maintain the staging of the competition at the agreed dates mentioned above, CAF would like to know whether your federation would be willing and able, with the agreement of your authorities, to organize the 30th edition of the Orange African Cup of Nations 2015.

Kindly note that this letter is also sent to some other federations capable of staging the 2015 edition of the event. In case CAF receives two (2) or more positive responses, a draw will be made by the Executive Committee to designate the host of the 2015 edition in replacement of Morocco. Please note once again that this possibility would be valid only if Morocco refuses to maintain the dates of the tournament currently agreed.

Therefore, we would be grateful to receive your response to the above.

Please accept, dear President, our most sincere regards,



Hicham El Amrani

Secretary General