N12 crash: Private companies 'bypass the system'

Gauteng Transport MEC says the private sector are not complying with road safety regulations.

A battered truck on the N12 after a massive accident involving an 18 wheel articulated tipper truck and 49 cars. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Transport MEC Ismail Vadi says private sector trucking companies are not complying with road safety regulations and are purposefully trying to bypass the system and increasing the risk of serious truck accidents on the province's roads.

Vadi on Wednesday visited the victims of a multi-vehicle truck crash on the N12 in Alberton on Tuesday that left four people dead and another 16 still in hospital.

The 18-wheeler articulated truck from Benusi Cargo Carriers in Potchefstroom ploughed through gridlocked traffic, damaging about 50 cars.

Vadi says he witnessed how truck drivers break the road rules first hand during a recent inspection to a Weigh Bridge site on the N3 Highway, where 30 trucks were pulled over.

"At least 10 percent of them were overloaded. One was so overloaded that we had to effect an immediate arrest of the driver. I think that the private sector here is not supporting our efforts in terms of road safety."

The MEC says there are 18 Weigh Bridges across the province, but not all of them are being properly utilised.

"They are deviating from the Weigh Bridges, the normal routes. They are taking alternative routes and they are causing damage to our provincial roads network."

The driver of the truck that caused Tuesday's accident is expected to appear in court today and faces charges of culpable homicide.