Mining magnate asks Zuma not to sign bill

Bridgette Radebe says the Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act must be reviewed.

Picture: AFP

CAPE TOWN - Mining magnate Bridgette Radebe has asked President Jacob Zuma not to sign a contentious bill governing the mining sector.

The Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act was passed by the National Assembly in February, despite calls for it to be scrapped and redrafted.

The bill is, however, still awaiting the president's signature.

Speaking in Cape Town, Radebe, who heads the South African Mining Development Association, says she petitioned the president during an industry stakeholder forum he chaired last week attended by unions and other role players.

"We say to the president, please president, don't sign the bill. I'm not sure what his final decision will be."

She says the bill needs to be reviewed.

"We really need to relook at the clauses of the bill to make it more effective."