Pistorius sentencing: Blood money & a bleak future

It was revealed in court that Reeva Steenkamp's parents are accepting R6,000 a month from Pistorius.

Oscar Pistorius arriving at the High Court in Pretoria head of his sentencing on 14 October 2014. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

PRETORIA - A bleak picture of Oscar Pistorius's future has been painted if he is sent to prison, while his agent believes he still has a lot to offer the disabled community.

This emerged during sentencing proceedings at the High Court in Pretoria on Tuesday as the athlete's legal team attempts to secure him a minimum sentence.

The High Court is currently hearing evidence in mitigation and aggravation of sentence after the athlete was convicted of culpable homicide last month.

Pistorius was found guilty for the Valentine's Day shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp last year.

With so many uncertainties related to his trial, Pistorius's manager Peet van Zyl says he has not discussed his client's future with him.

On Tuesday, prosecutor Gerrie Nel questioned Pistorius's motivation for supporting charities.

"So the fact is that it's merely an advancement of your career to become involved."

To which van Zyl responded, "I think that a lot of sportsmen want to make a difference and contribute."

The defence is expected to conclude today.

Meanwhile, Steenkamp's parents have ruled out the possibility of a civil case against their daughter's killer, saying there will be no out of court settlement with the blade runner.

However, it emerged in court on Tuesday Reeva's parents have been accepting R6,000 month from Pistorius.

Barry and June sat unmoved in the front row of the public gallery, as details of their financial arrangement with Pistorius were revealed.

After their daughter was killed they were in dire straits and agreed to accept a monthly payment from the athlete.

However, their advocate insists they will repay the money.

The agreement was apparently kept quiet at the request of the runner's legal team.

It also emerged that Reeva's parents turned down a lump sum payment from Pistorius, saying they would not accept 'blood money'.

After proceedings on Tuesday, the defence legal team said the version presented by prosecutors about the payments was inaccurate and they will correct this in court today.


A probation officer has recommended correctional supervision for Pistorius, a similar recommendation she made for musician Molemo 'Jub Jub' Maarohanye.

Annette Vergeer testified in mitigation of sentence on Tuesday, saying she doesn't believe direct imprisonment is the right choice for the double amputee because he is vulnerable.

Vergeer, a registered probation officer says prisons in this country are overcrowded and cannot accommodate the athlete's emotional and physical needs.

She read out a long report, saying he would be vulnerable in prison because he has prosthetic legs.

In December 2012 she also said that circumstances in prisons are devastating, when called to testify in Maarohanye's case.

The musician was convicted for killing four school children after racing his car in Soweto under the influence.

Vergeer has also suggested correctional supervision and community service for Pistorius but could not confirm if he would have employment if the sentence was handed down.


Speculation is rife about who the prosecution will call as witnesses in aggravation of sentence against the blade runner, after several interesting people appeared in the public gallery of the courtroom on Tuesday.

The state is expected to begin calling its witnesses today, after the defence's last witness finalised her testimony.

A motley crew of characters appeared in the back rows of the public gallery during the last session of the day.

Former footballer Mark Batchelor was accompanied by Affliction clothing brand owner Jared Mortimer.

Both men have had run-ins with Pistorius in the past.

Their friend, the heavily tattooed, self-confessed hit man, Mikey Schultz sat alongside them.

So too did former bouncer Guil Yahav, who was once previously also accused of murder.

Yahav was with Pistorius when he was involved in a nightclub scuffle with Mortimer earlier this year.

The men, along with the athlete's ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor all disappeared into chambers to consult with the prosecution after court proceedings.

But inside the courtroom Pistorius's uncle Arnold anxiously rallied police officers to escort his nephew out of the building, saying they were concerned for his safety.

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