Police guard home of slain Manenberg mom

An officer’s mother was fatally wounded and his brother injured during a shooting on Monday.

Armed Manenberg police officers are stationed near the house where a woman and her son were shot on 14 October 2014. Picture: Carmel Loggenberg/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Several police officers are guarding the family home of a colleague in Manenberg following a shooting on Monday.

The officer, Constable Lutfie Eksteen, is a member of the anti-gang and drug unit, Operation Combat.

His 71-year-old mother was shot dead in the attack and his 44-year-old brother was wounded.

Manenberg Police vehicles are stationed around the house.

Eyewitness News has been told an unknown man approached the house, knocked on the door and started shooting once the officer's brother opened.

The officer's mother was fatally wounded.

Family and friends have gathered in preparation for her funeral.

Eksteen's involvement with Operation Combat is believed to be a possible reason for the attack on his family.

The police unit is at the coal face of the war against gangs and drugs.

Manenberg is one of the prime focus areas for the unit.

An anonymous family member says Eksteen's life is in danger.

The constable's mother will be buried later in the evening, while his brother is recovering in hospital.