Pistorius paying Steenkamps R6,000 a month

Steenkamp's advocate says his clients had no money when Reeva was killed and accepted the money.

June and Barry Steenkamp. Picture: Pool.

PRETORIA - It has been revealed in court that Oscar Pistorius has been paying Reeva Steenkamp's parents R6,000 per month, but they say they will return the money to their daughter's killer.

The High Court in Pretoria today heard further witnesses in mitigation of sentence, including Pistorius's agent and a private social worker.

The Steenkamp's advocate Dup de Bruyn says his clients had no money when their daughter was killed and chose to accept the monthly payments from Pistorius.

"We wanted to make it public but they requested that we keep it confidential and we honoured that."

However, he says they intend paying it back as soon as they can.

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It was also revealed in court today that Pistorius had offered the Steenkamps the money he received from selling his car but they turned down this payment.

De Bruyn has also confirmed there will be no civil case brought by the model's parents.


The athlete's family have raised concerns about the double amputee's safety after former soccer player Mark Batchelor and Jared Mortimer arrived in court today.

Mortimer was recently involved in an argument with Pistorius at a Sandton nightclub before he was convicted of culpable homicide.

Pistorius had an altercation with Batchelor in 2012 and had allegedly threatened to break his legs.

The former soccer player arrived in court today with Mortimer and they were accompanied by Pistorius's ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor.

Batchelor and Mortimer have both been involved in arguments with Pistorius.

Self-confessed killer Mikey Schultz was also spotted in court after lunch sitting next to the pair.

Arnold Pistorius asked police to escort the athlete out of the court because he was concerned.

This morning, the double amputee arrived on his own without a police escort or family members accompanying him into the building.

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