N12 East closed after 'horrific' accident

It's understood a truck mowed down between 15 to 20 cars on the N12 East near the Voortrekker Road offramp.

It's understood a truck mowed down between 15 to 20 cars on the N12 east near the Voortrekker Road offramp on 14 October 2014. Picture: @MedixGauteng

JOHANNESBURG - Ekurhuleni emergency services say at least two people have been declared dead at the scene of a horrific accident on the N12 this morning.

Spokesman William Ntladi says paramedics are working and assisting scores of patients, but are yet unable to say how many people have been injured.

It's understood a truck mowed down several cars after failing to stop.

Eyewitnesses have described the scene as horrific.

A motorists says around 15 to 20 cars were taken out.

"There are people lying on the ground. One of the cars almost a caught fire. Its hectic. It's just terrible."

Another eyewitness says emergency services are on the scene.

"It's terrible. There are a lot of cars everywhere."

Emergency services are urging all motorists to steer clear of all emergency lanes so its vehicles can get to the scene.

Large collisuon on the N12 Voortrekker in Alberton. All services are on scene. Please avoid this area at all costs. pic.twitter.com/yGwFHprvJ2

N12e Voortrekker. @FatalMoves pic.twitter.com/zo2FzWrPX2

N12e Voortrekker. @FatalMoves pic.twitter.com/8UsctbvtRK

N12e Voortrekker. @FatalMoves pic.twitter.com/cMY6bSWGt6

N12e Voortrekker in Alberton,more than 30 cars the truck has taken out. @TrafficSA pic.twitter.com/Pm3plw7r5q