'Crimes committed by governments should be tackled'

Peace activist Diana Butto addressed the 35th Crime Stoppers International Conference in Cape Town.

The 35th Crime Stoppers International Conference is currently underway in Cape Town. Picture: ‏@NLRapporteur/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - An international peace activist says international crimes will only be reduced if governments perpetrating war crimes are prosecuted.

On Monday, Diana Butto spoke at the 35th Crime Stoppers International Conference that's currently being held in Cape Town.

More than 60 local and international delegates will be speaking at the three day event.

Butto says governments need to be held accountable for its role in criminal activities.

"I have been urging South Africa, a place that has the moral compass of the world, to be pushing and ensuring that we begin to address crime internationally."

Butto says the mechanisms put in place to address crime internationally aren't tough enough.

She says while the main focus is chasing criminals, the international criminal system is not yet tackling government.

Butto insists it's some governments that are allowing crimes to proliferate and that are perpetrating war crimes.

Meanwhile, the head of Interpol's regional bureau in Southern Africa says law enforcement bodies need to be more proactive in preventing crime.

Chilika Simfukwe admits preventing crimes from being committed isn't easy.

But said through better coordination, crime can be effectively dealt with.

"I wish to assure you that the agenda for crime stoppers, in the fight against the international crime resonate very well with the vision and purpose of Interpol."