Makhura: Govt officials must declare private interests

The Gauteng premier says there is no place in his office for those who don’t comply.

David Makhura. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng premier David Makhura says public servants who do not declare their private business interests have no place in the provincial government.

He was reacting to a Public Service Commission report that revealed more than 40% of Gauteng officials have not disclosed interests.

Makhura says he is making big changes in the structure of government to ensure a cleaner and efficient system.

He says the law states that the disclosure is necessary to prevent a conflict of interest - and his officials must comply.

"I had a conference in August with all senior public service managers in Gauteng and I took a very hard line with all those who do not want to declare their interests. They have no place here."

Makhura says he's also set up an integrity committee in his office to deal with cases of fraud and corruption.

"Sometimes we speak a lot on these issues but do very little. I have established a structure in the premier's office; a group of people who will make sure we follow through on issues of fraud and corruption."