London mayor says city is prepared for Ebola

The mayor has been criticised for publically stating he believes the epidemic may hit the UK.

FILE: Boris Johnson.

LONDON - The mayor of London has admitted he believes it's only a matter of time before Ebola reaches the UK and it'll probably be found in London.

Boris Johnson's comments have been criticised by the opposition party for failing to provide solid reassurances.

Meanwhile, call handlers to the British non-emergency health phone line will try to identify possible Ebola sufferers, in the latest move announced by the health secretary.

Johnson's admission that he expects the virus to arrive in London appears in tune with a growing number of health experts who believe infections will now start to spread beyond West Africa.

The prime minister's announcement of much publicised health checks at Britain's main airports to keep Ebola out of the UK were alluded to by the mayor as a "promise that doesn't really make any sense".

The government has promised any paramedics sent out would have "appropriate protective equipment".