CSA launch #ProteaFire campaign

Haroon Lorgat said the campaign represents the true image of cricket in South Africa.

The #ProteaFire campaign has officially been launched to South African cricket fans. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - The #ProteaFire campaign has officially been launched to South African cricket fans.

The campaign was launched on Thursday evening during a live broadcast.

ProteaFire was the brainchild of former captain Graeme Smith, who now works for Cricket South Africa (CSA) in promoting and developing the concept.

The campaign enables the public to learn more about the Proteas team identity and culture, their mantra and their belief in each other and the nation.

CSA Chief Executive, Haroon Lorgat said the launch was truly remarkable and represents the true image of what cricket means in South Africa.

"No country has been through what SA has and our country needs all the inspiration it can get. Clearly the Proteas are our inspiration. As a team, they have invested time to understand what it means for them to represent South Africa and now the team wishes all South Africans to know more about who they are, whom they play for and what it means to be a Protea.

"We respected their wishes and that's why we got right behind them to ensure this campaign came to life."

Lorgat admitted Smith has made the transition from the pitch to the boardroom seem almost seamless.

"That's actually a key point because that's one of the reasons why we were keen him involved in an administrative manner. He is integral and his success he has shown in being able to build a legacy for the team that's well beyond his time as the captain of the team."

Proteas ODI captain, AB de Villiers, said he is excited that the team identity has come to life.

"We hope this campaign will give the 60 million South Africans we represent a better idea of the people we are, and what the Proteas team environment is about. We have created an incredibly special environment and we look forward to sharing more of it in the lead up to an important season for us."

Hashim Amla, the Proteas Test captain, said despite the reality of diverse backgrounds, religious beliefs and social upbringings, the common understanding has created a common purpose in the team that is built on our passion to represent South Africa.

"What we have in the cricket team we felt could add a lot of value to our fans and supporters and whoever else. It's embodied in the spirit of Ubuntu."