Lion crushed to death by buffalo

A game ranger photographed a lion being crushed to death by a tenacious stampede of buffalo.

A lion was attacked by a herd of about 300 buffalo at the Kruger National Park. Picture: Lyle Gregg.

JOHANNESBURG - A game ranger has captured the moments a lion was attacked and killed by a herd of 300 buffalo at the Kruger National Park.

A video made up of still photos show that it doesn't matter how powerful a lion is as it can still be over-ruled by its lunch.

The images were caught on camera by game ranger, Lyle Gregg, who had spotted the animal during an early morning drive.

The lion was crushed to death by a persistent stampede of buffalo who gored him and jumped on his head.

The lion tried to hide from the herd in the long grass but after a change in wind direction, the buffalo picked up on the lion's scent and began to stampede towards the big cat.

The photos shows how the helpless lion trampled to death by the buffalo.