'Hani was assassinated in Modise cover-up'

Arms deal activist Terry Crawford-Brown has made more revelations at the Seriti Commission.

The late leader of the South African Communist Party, Chris Hani, was assassinated outside his home in Boksburg in 1993. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - Arms deal activist Terry Crawford-Brown has told the Seriti Commission of Inquiry that former South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani may have been assassinated because he was about to expose corrupt activities by former Defence Minister Joe Modise.

He also claimed that he was told Modise had been poisoned in a way that would make it look like he died of cancer.

Crawford-Brown says he's heard claims the men convicted of killing Hani in 1993 were employed by a British arms firm through John Bredenkamp, a Zimbabwean man he says received bribes.

He also says Clive Derby-Lewis and Janusz WaluĊ› may have been blamed only to provide a red herring.

Crawford-Browne says it was known that there was intense animosity between Modise and Hani while they were in exile.

He says Bheki Jacobs told him Modise was being poisoned and that his death would be ascribed to cancer.

Crawford-Brown also says Jacobs claimed an investigating report into the arms deal was being doctored pending Modise's death as dead men tell no tales.

He says he told a Western Cape deputy commissioner of police of these claims but no action was taken.

Meanwhile, the African National Congress (ANC) has strongly rejected Crawford-Brown's claim that Winnie Madikizela-Mandela leaked information about the arms deal to then opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Patricia De Lille.

De Lille, who is now the mayor of Cape Town, denies saying Madikizela-Mandela was one of the ANC MPs who handed her arms deal documents.

The commission was set up by President Jacob Zuma to investigate allegations of fraud and corruption in the R70 billion deal.

The multi-billion rand project is under investigation in Pretoria, but the inquiry has come under fire from activists, with Crawford-Browne describing it as unconstitutional, unfair and illegal.

Crawford-Browne says ANC officials produced boxes of evidence to support allegations that the 1999 arms deal was corrupt and fraudulent.

These documents were allegedly given to former judge Willem Heath 15 years ago.