Water supply on West Rand improving

Residents in some parts of the province were forced to go without water for three weeks.

FILE: An electrical problem at one of Rand Water’s main pumping stations in Eikenhof caused major water shortages. Picture: Free Images.

JOHANNESBURG - The Mogale City municipality says water supply on Gauteng's West Rand is improving as reservoir levels are increasing.

Residents in some parts of the province were forced to go without water for three weeks following an electrical problem at one of Rand Water's main pumping stations in Eikenhof.

The municipality's Nkosana Zali says the water interruptions are due to high demands because of warmer weather conditions.

"Mogale City reservoirs are making an encouraging recovery amid high demand as a result of high temperature conditions. Just as Rand Water indicated that when the system stabilized, the outlying areas, including Mogale City will be the last to recover."

There's been speculation the crisis could cost the ANC votes in the 2016 local government elections.

African National Congress (ANC) Deputy Secretary-General Jessie Duarte says the water crisis is a concern for the ruling party.

"Worries about the Metro city are that we just need it to jack up its game, it's got to get over this thing of the billing system and the water problems and Johannesburg electricity."

Last week Duarte said the city's top officials must work for their money.

"I am certainly behind pushing the municipal managers and the chief executive officers (CEOS), who earn quite a lot of money, to do their jobs."

Duarte also says technicians need to have access to CEOs when machinery isn't working.