Debate around medical training continues

A Wits professor has added his voice to Aaron Motsoaledi’s resistance to private medical schools.

FILE: Martin Veller says medical training should remain in the public sector. Picture: Free Images.

JOHANNESBURG - Head of the University of the Witwatersrand's medical school, Professor Martin Veller, says he agrees with Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi that only the public sector should be allowed to train doctors.

Motsoaledi says he is opposed to private medical schools, despite a shortage of doctors, because they would allow only the children of rich families to undergo medical training.

Veller says this training should stay mainly in the public sector.

"We know that individuals who work in particular environments tend to stick in those environments or at least have a view that they need to give back to that environment."

But the Free Market Foundation's Jasson Urbach says the private sector should be allowed to teach doctors.

"This will not only increase the number of doctors available in the private sector but will also increase the amount of doctors that will be available to work in the public sector."