Lwandle residents face an uncertain future

While evicted residents were allowed back on Sanral-owned land, they must vacate by the end of the year.

FILE: Residents of the informal settlement were forcibly removed from their homes in the Lwandle informal settlement. Picture: EWN/Lauren Isaacs

CAPE TOWN - Informal settlers who were initially booted from privately-owned land in the Nomzamo informal settlement in Lwandle near Strand several months ago still have an uncertain future ahead of them, despite a commission of inquiry.

Hundreds of families were violently removed from their homes situated on land owned by the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral), a process that sparked outrage.

Residents were then moved back as an interim solution while a commission of inquiry into the eviction process was set up.

While the informal settlers had been occupying the land since late last year, Sanral was acting on a court order obtained early this year and authorities moved in to evict in June.

The evictions were met with violent protests and clashes between the police and the community.

Following the demolition of shacks, some families were housed at a local community hall while others had nowhere to go.

Eventually they were allowed back onto the land on condition they leave by the end of the year.

Sanral says the shacks are erected on property earmarked for an extension of the N2 Highway.