FIRST ON EWN: Did Carl Pistorius delete data off Oscar's phone?

Carl Pistorius may have synchronised it with his personal computer and allegedly tampered with the device.

Oscar Pistorius's brother Carl leaves the Pretoria High Court on 3 March 2014. Picture: EWN.

PRETORIA - Eyewitness News has learnt that police suspected Oscar Pistorius's brother Carl of deleting data off the athlete's phone in the days after Reeva Steenkamp's shooting.

It's emerged that in the 12 days the phone was unaccounted for, Carl Pistorius may have synchronised it with his personal computer and allegedly tampered with the device.

This development is contained in Behind the Door, a new book about the trial, authored by EWN senior reporters Barry Bateman and Mandy Wiener.

Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide for the Valentine's Day 2013 shooting and will be sentenced on 13 October.

It was in late October last year, during attempts to download data off Pistorius's personal handset, that police investigators discovered the device had been synchronised with a computer identified as Titanium Hulk.

Carl uses this exact same comic book character's name in his email address and often refers to himself as 'the Hulk' on social media.

EWN understands that investigators believe it was as a result of this synch that they were unable to obtain full access to the handset and had to seek help from technicians at Apple's headquarters in the United States.

A full extract of the phone also reveals that the entire call history, WhatsApp record and certain messages had been deleted from the device, allegedly by Carl, while the device was in his possession in the days after the shooting.

The National Prosecuting Authority declined to comment about this development and Carl has also not responded to questions.

In a statement issued on Wednesday night, the Pistorius family says they are not aware of any deletions on the athlete's phone that could have affected the trial.

At the same time, the EWN investigation can also reveal Pistorius's movements in the 24 hours leading up to the shooting.

Pistorius's first stop in Johannesburg on the day before he killed Steenkamp was at Melrose Arch, where he brunched with South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) sports presenter Vaylen Kirtley.

Kirtley said their friendship dates back to 2004 and on the morning in question, they chatted about their families and their plans for the year.

She said the athlete showed her pictures of the house he intended buying and pictures of Steenkamp.

Kirtley believes that in the tone with which Pistorius spoke of Steenkamp, he would marry her one day.

A further study of the phone records shows that Pistorius also spoke to a Cape Town based blonde model, whose name is known to EWN , met with lawyers at a firm in Illovo and with a property agent about his impending house purchase in Atholl.

On his way home from Johannesburg, after visiting his friend Justin Divaris at the Daytona Group car dealership in Sandton, the athlete chatted to his siblings.

EWN can also reveal that as he drove into the Silver Woods Country Estate at around 6pm, he spent nearly nine minutes on the phone to a contact listed as 'Babyshoes' in his handset.

'Babyshoes' is Pistorius's ex-girlfriend Jenna Edkins.

Edkins declined to answer questions about the contents of the phone call, saying only that it is common knowledge that she and Pistorius have remained friends over the years.