EWN Exclusive: Pistorius spoke to ex on eve of shooting

Pistorius had a 9-minute long conversation with his ex-girlfriend just hours before he killed Steenkamp.

FILE: Paralympian Oscar Pistorius is seen during judgment in his murder trial at the High Court in Pretoria on Friday, 12 September 2014. Picture: Pool.

JOHANNESBURG - An Eyewitness News investigation has revealed that Oscar Pistorius was talking to his ex-girlfriend minutes before he arrived home to Reeva Steenkamp, on the eve of the Valentine's Day shooting.

Pistorius had a nine-minute long conversation with Jenna Edkins just hours before he killed Steenkamp at his luxury Pretoria East home last year.

However, the police did not uncover this piece of evidence.

This development is contained in Behind the Door - a new book about the trial, authored by EWN senior reporters Barry Bateman and Mandy Wiener.

Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide for the Valentine's Day shooting last month and will be sentenced on 13 October.

Cellphone service provider data obtained by police investigators shows that Pistorius was on the phone when he arrived at his complex on 13 February at about 6pm.

EWN cross-checked the dialled number on the athlete's handset against the phone's contact list.

The number had been saved under the name 'Babyshoes'.

Further investigations revealed that the number was used by Edkins but had been registered in her father's name.

It appears police investigators did not make this connection and Edkins was never questioned by the authorities and she never gave them a statement.

Edkins declined to answer specific questions from EWN, saying only that it is common knowledge that she and Pistorius have remained friends.

The prosecution has declined to comment on how this potential piece of evidence was missed.

The defence has also not responded to questions.

Pistorius and Edkins dated on and off for five years from 2008.

In his autobiography, the athlete describes her as a delightful, sweet-natured, beautiful girl with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.

Their mothers had been friends and they had grown up together.

Officially, their relationship ended in 2011 but in an email sent in 2012 to another ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor, Pistorius admitted his ongoing feelings for Edkins.

Taylor insists Edkins was a persistent problem during her relationship with the Paralympic and Olympic athlete and was one of the causes of their breakup.

In the days after Steenkamp's shooting, Edkins was quick to defend Pistorius in several tweets saying he had never lifted a finger towards her nor had he ever made her fear for her life.

In a brief response to questions, Edkins said it was common knowledge they had remained friends over the years and she did not want to be involved in any media hype around "this terrible situation".

To read more information about the Oscar Pistorius shooting look out for the Behind The Door book and visit the special _ Behind The Door page on ewn.co.za._