Malema’s Louis Vuitton belt sparks ‘twar’ with Mbalula

The Twitter war escalated with the pair trading insults on everything from style to corruption.

Julius Malema wears a Louis Vuitton belt to court proceedings on 30 September, 2014. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - An Eyewitness News photograph of Julius Malema wearing a Louis Vuitton belt to court has sparked a Twitter war (twar) between the fiery Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader and Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula.

The 'twar' escalated with the two former African National Congress Youth League leaders trading insults on everything from style to corruption.

Malema's fraud and racketeering case was yesterday postponed in the Polokwane High Court until next year after lawyers for his two co-accused failed to show up.

Mbalula and Malema fired things up by responding to each other's tweets.

The sports minister fired the first shot, tweeting, "Overalls were swapped for Louis Vuitton today… that's Julius revolution."

Malema then replied saying, "We wear what we like, since when are you a stylist Mr minister?"

Mbalula continued the digital attack, asking the EFF leader when he would be paying back the money spent on the tender which has landed him in court, accusing him of displaying hypocrisy.

A group of vengeful young men rejected by 94% of the electorate is a joke, only thing they can do is to throw insults.

NgesiXhosa singathi the EFF leader is "Unonkala ongaziboniyo uhamba ngecala". Hypocrisy defines that party!!

Consistency must be portrayed by leaders,dont have double personalities "poor" yet you're drowning in Branded clothes like Malema @nmzima19

Malema hit back, claiming hypocrisy defines Mbalula and questioning who he was to lecture the party on corruption.

@MbalulaFikile but no one is insulting u Mbalula,u just decided without any provocation to attack us and when we respond you cry foul

@MbalulaFikile can u pls share more information on how you award a tender for sports awards?

The tweets were retweeted by hundreds of people.