Paarl kidnapping: MEC puts pressure on police

MEC Albert Fritz has also urged parents to be more careful and responsible with their children.

Social Development MEC Albert Fritz. Picture: Mia Spies/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape Social Development MEC says he will urge police to investigate parental negligence following the disappearance of a baby.

Two-month-old Azile Skafu was allegedly taken from his parents' home in Mbekweni outside Paarl during the early hours of Friday morning.

It's believed a 38-year-old woman known only as 'Nosisi' may have taken the baby boy.

Social development MEC Albert Fritz says it's inconceivable the parents went to a shebeen to drink, leaving the baby without proper care.

"Part of the police investigation in this instance must also to determine whether the parents of the child were negligent and let appropriate action should be taken specifically in terms of the Children's Act."

Fritz is urging parents to realise the massive responsibility they have when raising children.

"I need proper parental responsibility. But we can't afford where a mother and father and a baby of two months go to the tavern and come back with someone they don't know."

Western Cape police officials say the investigation into the baby's disappearance is ongoing.

At the same time, a missing children's organisation on Monday said community workers will be sent to help counsel the family of a two-month-old baby who has allegedly been kidnapped.

The Pink Ladies have been working with police in their search for little Azile.

The group believes the search for the two-month-old baby boy should be widened.