Pink Ladies help search for missing Paarl baby

The Pink Ladies have also made a plea with members of the community to help them in their search.

Monica Skafu's two-month-old son, Azile, was taken from her home on 26 September 2014 & is still missing. Picture: Carmel Loggenberg/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A missing children's organisation says community workers will be sent to help counsel the family of a two-month-old baby who has allegedly been kidnapped.

The Pink Ladies have been working with police in their search for little Azile Skafu.

The baby was reported missing on Friday.

He disappeared after a woman known as Nosisi, approached his mother for a place to stay.

The Pink Ladies' Dessie Rechner says they'd like to plea with members of the community to help them in their search.

"We also have people that we could use to assist them as well and we need to see who is available and whether they will be able to help in any way. But the plea is still there, please call in if you know anything about this."

The group believes the search for the two-month-old baby boy should be widened.


Distraught mother Monica Skafu said she regrets letting a complete stranger go near her baby.

Skafu said she thought she was doing a good deed by allowing the stranger to spend the night.

Nosisi claimed her boyfriend had kicked her out of their home.

Skafu said she would never have thought Nosisi had ulterior motives.

"Time was going by quickly and she said she didn't know anyone."

Police say no arrests have been made in connection with the baby's disappearance. Police are urging people to come forward with information.

Monica vehemently denied selling her baby and said she was appalled when police asked her if she had done so.