Pagad investigates Athlone explosions

The group says it’s conducting its own investigation into the two explosions in Athlone earlier this month.

he City’s fire and rescue services say it responded to a car which was on fire following an apparent explosion at a business in Athlone on 5 September 2014. Picture: @Nus_ismahero

CAPE TOWN - People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (Pagad) says it's conducting its own investigation into the bomb explosions at two businesses in the Athlone area.

Explosions went off at a car dealership in Athlone and a short while later another went off at a convenience centre in Crawford earlier this month.

Businesses in the area have been hesitant to talk to Eyewitness News following the explosions.

Eyewitness News understands some Athlone businesses are apparently being extorted by gangs.

One Athlone business owner who is scared of going on record says many businesses are being targeted for protection money by gangsters and are involved in money laundering schemes.

Eyewitnesses News Spoke to Pagad's Abdusalaam Ebrahim about the claims.

He says they are conducting their own investigation into the matter

"We are still investigating the terms and how these people are operating and how much money is been given to them and the terms of its payback, the interests of this money. But we didn't conclude these issues yet."