Zuma implicated in fresh arms deal claims

Reports say Zuma & the ANC have been implicated in testimony regarding a French arms manufacturer.

FILE. It’s alleged that, with the use of a code word, Zuma received R500k in cash back for protection & to secure business.

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma and the African National Congress (ANC) have been implicated in testimony regarding a deal with a major French arms manufacturer.

The _Sunday Times _newspaper is reporting that this involved the use of the code word 'Eiffel Tower', for a R500,000 a year bribe to Zuma for protection during the arms deal probe and to secure further business.

The newspaper is reporting that a fixer of arms manufacturer Thales, Ajay Sooklal, organised flights and fancy clothes for the president while he was under investigation for the arms deal.

Thales's South African subsidiary won a R2.6 billion contract in 1997, to fit four new navy frigates with combat suits.

The paper says documents show a 1 million euro cheque was also apparently secured for the ANC.

This was obtained in testimony given under oath at confidential arbitration hearings in a fee dispute between Sooklal and Thales.