ANCYL members protest outside Woolies

The league has vowed to continue to protests against the selling of Israeli-made goods.

Isu Chiba, Robben Island political prisoner, calls for the boycott Woolworths. Picture: Via @azharvadi on Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) says it will continue to protest outside of Woolworths' stores until the retailer backs down over the selling of Israeli products.

Members demonstrated outside the Woolworths in the Cavendish Shopping Mall on Saturday afternoon.

The league's Bram Hanekom says, "We will be going to other Woolworths. We are of the view that Woolworths continues to support a state that is guilty of war crimes. They have 0.1 percent of produce they've bought from Israel, all we're saying is take that 0.1 percent off the shelves and we'll leave you alone and we'll be quite content that you are respecting human rights."

Meanwhile, Woolworths has responded to the protests by saying that while it's saddened by the tragic consequences of the conflict in Gaza, none of its products are sourced from the occupied territories.