Xbox One: A game-changer

EWN tech guru Aki Anastasiou, who tested the new device, says it doesn’t disappoint.

The new Xbox One. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - EWN tech guru Aki Anastasiou, who tested the new Xbox One, says the console is a whole new level of awesome.

The Xbox One, which took took four years to develop, interacts with a television, responds to voice and gesture commands, includes group video calling on Skype, 15 exclusive game titles and original programming content.

In short, it's the point where all your entertainment dreams converge into one fantastic black box with updated hardware to ensure a smooth gaming experience for hours.

The Xbox one also features a new Kinect controller and a new slightly bigger, yet lighter and more ergonomically designed hand controller.

Amazing graphics also set the scene for advanced artificial intelligence which adapts to the way you play.

Users also now have more control over who they choose to play the game with. Xbox has designed new algorithms to help people find their perfect match online.

The Xbox One went on sale in South Africa today and retails for R8,000.