Fresh bribery claims against TB Joshua

A Nigerian journalist claims TB Joshua offered them brown envelopes filled with money.

Nigerian preacher and prophet TB Joshua. Picture: Facebook

JOHANNESBURG - While a South African team in Nigeria continues the tedious task of identifying the victims of the Nigeria guest house building collapse, controversial pastor TB Joshua has been hit with another claim of bribery.

A journalist in Nigeria has taken to social media alleging that Joshua, who heads the synagogue, church of all nations, offered reporters 50,000 naira each after an impromptu media briefing.

A six storey guest house at the synagogue collapsed more than a week ago, killing 84 South Africans.

Nigerian journalist Nicholas Ibekwe claims after Joshua spoke to the media at his church, he offered them brown envelopes filled with money.

Ibekwe claims this is common practice at Joshua's church and says most of the people with him accepted the offer.

He later uploaded an audio clip which he says is the recording of Joshua offering a bribe.

The authenticity of the clip has not yet been verified, but last week a South African author also claimed Joshua offered his television crew thousands of American dollars during a visit to his church.

Meanwhile, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has promised to launch his own investigation into the cause of the collapse.