'Shutdown the so-called open mosque'

The newly opened mosque is facing a lot of criticism from the Muslin community in Cape Town.

A small group of opponents threatened to block the entrance before the Open Mosque's first prayer meeting on 19 September 2014. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A Manenberg resident says local Muslim authorities must find a way to shut down a so-called open mosque in Cape Town.

The mosque held its first prayer service yesterday amid protests.

The place of worship welcomes gay people, women and non-Muslims.

Demonstrator Shaheen Vardien believes the mosque must be closed.

"He does not know the content of Qur'an. It affects me because if I drop dead right now, what's going to happen with my children? They are going to enter a mosque like this? Not when I'm alive; maybe when I'm dead, yes."

Founder of the mosque, Taj Hargey, says he is merely trying to dispel "the man-made lies" around Islam and promote gender equality.