E-toll: Sanral wants 'in camera discussion' with Makhura

Sanral says it awaits a response from David Makhura for an ‘in camera discussion’ on e-tolling.

An e-toll sign on the N1 in Johannesburg. Picture: Christa van der Walt/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - While the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) says it is still waiting for the Gauteng government to respond to its request for a meeting to address the e-tolling problems, the provincial government has denied claims made that Premier David Makhura is refusing to respond.

The roads agency says it is prepared to have an ' in camera discussion' with Makhura so that both parties have an opportunity to 'exchange views' about e-tolls, but says Makhura has still not responded.

Two months ago the Gauteng premier established a panel to review the socio-economic impact of the tolling system.

Sanral says it tried to make contact with the Gauteng government before the e-tolls assessment panel was set up, but at the same time says it only answers to the Transport Minister.

The roads agency's Vusi Mona says, "We'll not be in a position to go and make a presentation before this panel. Be that as it may, we are prepared to have an in camera discussion with the premier."

But the premier's office says there has not been any request for a meeting from Sanral.

Sanral has also indicated that it sent an eight-page document to Makhura about the e-tolls.

Provincial government's Thabo Masebe says they did not receive a request from Sanral to meet over e-tolls prior to the establishment of the panel.

"The premier has always been willing to meet with any ministers who request such meetings. There is no problem at all between the provincial government and any of the national ministries or departments."

He says Sanral made information about e-tolls available for the assessment panel, but didn't mention anything about an eight-page document.