Maimane: Mbete has sold out Parliament

Maimane told the National Assembly that Baleka Mbete is placing the ANC before South Africa.

DA Parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A fierce no-confidence debate is now underway in the National Assembly over Speaker Baleka Mbete.

The Democratic Alliance (DA), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Congress of the People, United Democratic Movement and the Freedom Front Plus are backing a motion of no-confidence in a bid to unseat Mbete, who they claim cannot act impartiality while also serving as African National Congress (ANC) chairperson.

The opposition parties believe that Mbete is too loyal to the ruling party.

DA Parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane said Mbete is merely helping President Jacob Zuma cover up for the spending on upgrades to his Nkandla homestead.

"Mbete has been deployed to make sure Zuma doesn't have to answer tough questions in this Parliament."

Maimane also told the National Assembly that Mbete is placing the ANC before South Africa.

He said the speaker has sold out Parliament to her masters in Luthuli House and warned against South Africa becoming another Lesotho.

The EFF attempted to interject but party leader Julius Malema was warned to be quiet.

He was angry in his response.

"We are not going to be told how to behave instead of you calling those people to order because they are showing signs of intimidation, they are even intimidating us."

The ANC's Nomvula Mokonyane then accused opposition parties of being sexist in wanting Mbete removed.

"The attack on the Speaker is also a reflection of sexism, male chauvinism and individuals who are threatened by the power of the member of the ANC."