Farm attacks likened to other crimes

AfriForum insists farm attacks are unique but experts say such attacks are like any other crime.

AfriForum CEO Ernst Roets. Picture: AfriForum

JOHANNESBURG - A crime, violence and crowd behaviour expert has likened farm murders in South Africa to the current spate of mall attacks and general crimes.

Various submissions were made at a hearing in Braamfontein on Monday relating to safety and security problems in farming communities.

While AfriForum wants to prove the uniqueness of farm murders, others say such attacks are like any other crime and should not be singled out.

Crime expert Chris de Kock says the motive for 95 percent of farm attacks in the country is robbery.

He says this is the same motive for burglaries and mall robberies.

"I see the new word in the media today is 'mall robberies'. Now I would have preferred 'farm robberies' because that is exactly what it is."

He has however conceded that the farming community is more vulnerable to crimes because farms are isolated, therefore making them easy targets.

However, AfriForum Deputy CEO Ernst Roets says farm attacks are unique.

"The poaching of rhino and theft of copper cables, gang related violence, violence against women and children … but the moment you speak about farm attacks the counter argument is that it doesn't make sense."

The hearings will continue today.