CT's 'open mosque' to welcome non-Muslims, homosexuals

Taj Hargey has slammed Muslim clerics saying their rules are chauvinistic & not in line with the 21st century.

Oxford University Professort Taj Hargey. Picture: Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - An academic, who is set to establish what he calls an 'open mosque' in Cape Town, has slammed Muslim clerics, saying their rules are chauvinistic and not in line with the 21st century or the Koran.

Oxford University professor Taj Hargey says his mosque will allow women to lead prayers and also welcomes homosexuals and even non-Muslims.

The new mosque is expected to open its doors in Wynberg on Friday.

The Cape Town-born academic explained the concept of an open mosque on Monday.

"You go to churches and often see the sign 'All welcome'. This is the single mosque in the whole country that sadly has the words 'All welcome' underneath it."

He said the idea that mosques are open to all was not necessarily true.

"I decided that being Cape Town-born I had to do something. We had a political evolution in this country 20 years ago and what we need now is a religious revolution, especially in the Muslim community."

When speaking about the idea for an open mosque Hargey said: "We wanted a mosque that reflects 21st century South Africans not some seventh century utopia that never existed."

He said the idea came a few years ago, when he and a group of people decided something needed to be done.

"We do things according to the Koran, not according to the Shariah. The Shariah is not God's law, it's a concoction of medieval interpretations and to project that as immutable is nonsense."

Hargey said the new mosque is open anyone who comes in peace.


When Eyewitness News contacted the Jamiat-ul-Ulama on Monday, it said it was studying the matter and would issue a statement as soon as possible.

The Jamiat-ul-Ulama says they were also in the process of compiling a statement with regards to Hargey and the mosque.

The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) added that the establishment cannot be called a mosque because it does not practice full Islam, which includes both the Qur'aan and the teachings of Prophet Muhammed.

But, many Muslims have already begun venting their opposing views to what some are calling a "complete innovation in basic Islam".

According to many, Hargey belongs to and is a Qadiani or Ahmadiyyah.

The Qadianis or Ahmadiyyahs are a sect which majority of Muslims around the world negate and label as apostates because of their alleged distorted beliefs which go against basic Islamic principles.

Many Muslims who have commented on the matter, said that it totally contradicted Islam and all its teachings.

"Islam is based on the Qur'an and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed. Whoever negates any of the two are considered apostates," said one concerned man.

A storm has also been brewing on social media with regards to the mosque.

This new #OpenMosque is being investigated but certainly it can not be a mosque if you going to spread rubbish http://t.co/gFYbhUARM2

This whole concept of an "Open Mosque" should not be encouraged.. Liberal thought gone too far... #openmosque

I support Muslim Judicial Council and stand against this #OpenMosque thats not Islam and it mustn't be done in the name of our religion

CapeTown open mosque? Men and women pray together?Gay imam?They messing with الله and His house.May الله destroy them if there's no guidance

That new open place in wynberg is the furthest thing from a mosque. Dont even call it that.

The so called open mosque,it can't even be referred to as a mosque. May allah guide those that has been led astray.