Suspected Ebola case cleared to return to SA

The woman was quarantined in a Nigeria hospital after displaying Ebola-like symptoms.

FILE: "Liberian Red Cross health workers wearing protective suits carry the body of a victim of the Ebola virus out of a garage on 10 September, 2014 in a district of Monrovia. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - A South African woman suspected of being infected with Ebola who was quarantined in Nigeria will now be allowed to return home after testing negative for the disease.

The woman was admitted to hospital after displaying Ebola-like symptoms.

She was working in Guinea and Seirra Leone since April, the two countries worst affected by the disease.

The deadly virus has claimed over 2,000 lives in West Africa.

The Health Department's Joe Maila says they're working hard to prevent an outbreak in South Africa.

"We welcome the news that this particular person has been cleared for Ebola. It's good news indeed. There's no outbreak in this country. We do everything we can to prevent the disease from coming to the country."