Nkandla: State officials flouted rules & procedures

The SIU Nkandla report Zuma's personal architect Minenhle Makhanya over-stepped his brief.

FILE. The Nkandla homestead. Picture: City Press.

CAPE TOWN - The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) says the cost of upgrading President Jacob Zuma's private Nkandla residence would never have spiralled beyond R200 million if state officials had not flouted rules and procedures.

It says the president's personal architect Minenhle Makhanya over-stepped his brief, designing extravagant features and additions.

But the report also raises the questions of whether the millions spent have adequately secured the president's home, saying police should carry out an assessment of security at Nkandla as soon as possible.

The SIU's final report was tabled in Parliament on Friday.

The SIU report quotes one official as saying 'It's a very special situation with a special client and therefore we acted specially'.

The report says rules and procedures weren't followed because officials were confident their actions would not only not be challenged but would be supported and endorsed.

In the report Zuma denies putting undue pressure on officials or influencing the choice of contractors.

The report has already been given to Members of Parliament's ad-hoc committee on Nkandla, which is due to sit next week.