Zim prisons refuse suspects from Ebola-hit countries

Prison officials say they don’t have the protective clothing or the training to deal with cases of Ebola.

FILE: Medical workers of the Liberian Red Cross, wearing a protective suit, carry the body of a victim of the Ebola virus in a bag on 4 September, 2014 in the small city of Banjol, 30 kilometres of Monrovia. Picture: AFP.

HARARE - Zimbabwe's prisons are refusing to take in suspects who may have passed through Ebola-hit countries because they say they want to protect other inmates.

Prison officials say they don't have the protective clothing or the training to deal with possible cases of Ebola in their institutions.

Most of the illegal immigrants who've been arrested would normally be held in prison cells before being deported.

The Zimbabwe authorities already imposed a three-week checking-in period for visitors from West African Ebola-hit nations.

But these immigrants have evaded border controls and the state-run _Chronicle _is reporting that the prison services are worried about bringing them into Zimbabwe's already-overcrowded jails.

The death toll from the world's worst ever outbreak of the disease has risen to more than 2,400 people out of 4,784 cases.