'My daughter's death wasn't an accident'

June Steenkamp is disappointed with the ruling and still doesn't believe Pistorius’s version of events.

June Steenkamp arrives at the High Court in Pretoria ahead of judgment of Oscar Pistorius on 12 September 2014. Picture: Christa Eybers/E

JOHANNESBURG - Reeva Steenkamp's mother has spoken out this afternoon, saying she doesn't believe her daughter's death was an accident.

Oscar Pistorius was today found guilty in the North Gauteng High Court of culpable homicide for the 2013 killing of Reeva Steenkamp.

The double-amputee has always maintained he fired through the door into the toilet cubicle in the mistaken belief he was defending himself from a burglar.

Judge Thokozile Masipa ruled that the 'Blade Runner could not be found guilty of murder.

Speaking in an interview with NBC News after the ruling , June Steenkamp says justice has not been served.

"I really don't care what happens to Oscar, it's not going to change anything because my daughter's never coming back. He's still living and breathing and she's gone."

She said she's disappointed with today's verdict and still doesn't believe Pistorius's version of events.

"I just don't feel this is the right sentence. They believe his story, and I don't believe his story - that's the difference."

June said her daughter died a horrible death.

"She died a horrible, painful, terrible death and she suffered. I can't believe that they believe it was an accident."

She said people have reacted with disbelief to the verdict.

"We have received messages from all over the world."

Pistorius was also convicted of firing a pistol under the table of a packed Johannesburg restaurant but cleared of two other firearms charges - illegal possession of ammunition and firing a pistol out of the sunroof of a car.

Culpable homicide carries up to 15 years in prison but, given Pistorius's lack of previous convictions, he could avoid a custodial sentence altogether, legal experts said.

Masipa based her culpable homicide decision on the fact Pistorius had acted negligently when he fired four shots from a 9mm pistol into a toilet door in his luxury Pretoria home, killing Steenkamp, who was behind it, almost instantly.

Steenkamp's dramatic death has shattered the image of Pistorius as an embodiment of triumph over adversity for both his Paralympic victories and his success against able-bodied athletes at the 2012 London Olympics.

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