Sex workers want prostitution legalised

An advocacy group says most clients take advantage of sex workers because prostitution is illegal.

FILE: Sex workers and members of SWEAT demonstrate against alleged harassment by police outside the Cape Town High Court. Picture:Sapa.

CAPE TOWN - Sex worker advocacy group, the Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce (Sweat), has reiterated it's time for government to again seriously consider decriminalising prostitution.

The organisation claims at least six sex workers have been murdered across the Mother City over the past two months.

It adds people who work in the industry are vulnerable because their profession is illegal.

The organisation's Lesego Tlwale says they are working with police to get to the bottom of these killings.

"People know that sex workers are not protected. First of all sex work is illegal in South Africa and it's still illegal, so clients know that this is the case. So they know that sex workers find it very difficult for them to go and report cases of abuse against them, so they take advantage of this."