Time is ticking as Apple product launch approaches

Apple will be out to prove it can still make the products that earned them their current reputation.

Apple CEO Tim Cook. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - It's that time of the year, when months of expectation in the tech industry finally get given a rest. The tech event of 2014 is here: Apple's product launch day.

Apple is commonly rumoured to be introducing two larger iPhones with screens measuring 4.7 inches (11.9 cm) and 5.5 inches (13.9cm), larger by four inches (10cm) on the iPhone 5S. They're also expected to announce their long-rumoured smartwatch. The newest addition to the Apple family is expected to be a mobile payments system that works with the new iPhones.

Is Apple trying to prove that it can still bring the pioneering products that sprang it from the brink of liquidation to become the world's most prized technology company? Since defining itself as the foremost visionary by transforming the cellphone in 2007 with the iPhone, and the tablet computer in 2010 with the iPad, Apple has stayed ahead of its competitors.

The unveiling is scheduled to take place at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts on the De Anza College campus. The company hasn't held a new product unveiling there in 15 years.

The mastermind and co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs unveiled the Macintosh computer at the Flint Center in 1984, and the iMac there in 1998, after his legendary return to save the company. This detail of where gives rise to the reasonable suspicion that they're planning on making big announcements.

The speculation is all fun but in the end success not lies in concepts but how well those ideas are executed. Let's see what the expectations may be from the launch.

Stronger screens

While everyone is happy to have an iPhone without airtime (TIA), the one point of bother everyone seems to agree on, is how easy it is to break the phone screen. A collective letter from all iPhone users:

Dear Apple, if you're going to make bigger iPhone screens make them stronger too

Water resistant exteriors

Samsung Galaxy S5 users already have a head start on this one. In fact you can take the S5 down one metre in water. We expect the ability to take scuba diving selfies with the upcoming iPhones.

The rumours about the Apple smartwatch go back a few years, but it may finally be showtime. The watch, will reportedly have a flexible screen, will track its wearer's health and fitness, double as an electronic wallet and, display messages. After all the other underwhelming smartwatches currently on the market, this would be a welcome game changer that would allow us not only to constantly monitor our health but make our banking much simpler.

Nothing in this life is guaranteed but we don't believe that these demands are too much. In this we hope that Stevie left blueprints that Tim Cook has followed step by proverbial step. That will a guarantee that the launch day was well worth the wait