Peters: E-tolls won't be scrapped

The minister says the e-toll panel established by David Makhura doesn't have power over national government.

Transport minister Dipuo Peters. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Transport Minister Dipuo Peters says national government won't change its stance on e-tolls even if Gauteng's e-toll review panel finds that the system should be scrapped.

The panel was announced by Gauteng Premier David Makhura after huge opposition to the project in the province.

The panel has been tasked with assessing the socio-economic impact of the system.

The overwhelming majority of submissions received by the panel have recommended that the system be stopped.

So far, only the Consulting Engineers South Africa is in full support of the project.

But Peters says the panel doesn't have power over national government.

"It's important that the panel doesn't create the impression that we're going to do away with the system. The system will be government's policy to accelerate infrastructure development."

Meanwhile, former African National Congress (ANC) politician Redge Nkosi said last week that today's ANC officials are only looking out for themselves and expect South Africans to carry the burden for their bad decisions.

He told the panel that the e-tolling system is a huge financial constraint for both business and the individual.

Nkosi said government should be focusing on uplifting South Africans economically but is instead placing citizens in debt simply to cover up for their own misguided decisions.