Police crack open firearm licensing fraud syndicate

A special police unit says more arrests will be made as they crack open a firearms licensing fraud syndicate.

Ralph Stanfield, who's out on R100,000 bail, appeared in the Cape Town Magistrates Court with five other co-accused on 4 September, 2014. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A police crack squad says there will be more arrests in their investigation into a firearms licencing fraud syndicate.

The operation combat anti-gang and drugs unit arrested alleged 28s gang boss Ralph Stanfield, his wife and four others including three police officers from the Central Firearms Registry in Pretoria in June.

They appeared in the Cape Town Magistrates Court on Thursday.

Commander of the operation Major General Jeremy Vieri is confident the investigation will lead to more arrests.

"In terms of more people being added to the matter, that is definitely going to happen but more about that when we come to that later."

In anticipation of more queues the court postponed until February for further investigation

It's alleged the three police officers, based at the Pretoria Central Firearm Registry, fraudulently issued out gun licences for top of the range weapons.

The normal time frame for the issuing of such licences is three to six months.

The three officers are required to report to police stations once a week as part of their bail conditions.

Throughout proceedings, Stanfield and his co-accused appeared calm in the dock.

While arguing for bail in July, Stanfield's attorney Pete Mihalik said his client would not interfere with any witnesses or the case.

He also pointed out his client has no previous convictions or pending cases.