Forum established to quell taxi tensions

Mayor Patricia de Lille has welcomed the new forum as a way to help resolve taxi tensions in the Cape.

FILE: Mayor Patricia de Lille has welcomed the new forum as a way to help resolve taxi tensions in the Cape. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille says a forum set up to discuss the grievances of taxi bosses and drivers will hopefully quell tensions in the industry.

Municipal bosses and three taxi associations established the forum on Tuesday in the wake of violent protests in Nyanga.

The forum was established at a special meeting which was spearheaded by De Lille.

Taxi associations like the Congress of Democratic Taxi Associations, the Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association and the South African National Taxi Council all agreed the establishment of the forum is of the utmost importance.

This forum aims to serve as a platform where all taxi associations can debate and discuss their grievances.

A taxi driver was shot dead and several Golden Arrow buses were torched and stoned this week in Nyanga.

De Lille says taxi bodies want to get to the bottom of what happened.

"The taxi associations are now busy with their own investigations because they are quite upset that the name of Codeta is linked to this. So we will wait for the outcome of the investigation."

Taxi drivers have complained they can't afford a drastic increase in traffic fines.

At same time, Transport Minister Dipuo Peters has condemned the recent violence in Nyanga.

The minister's office has some harsh words for those behind on Monday's unrest.

Peters urged taxi associations to find a more permanent solution to the problem and to be mindful of the safety of commuters.


Police have arrested eight people connection with an attack on a bus and two trucks in Mfuleni.

The bus was stoned and the trucks set on fire on Monday night.

The violence is thought to be linked to a taxi strike over an increase in traffic fines.

The police's Fredrick Van Wyk says the suspects have been detained and accused of multiple charges.

"It's alleged that during the incident batteries and cellphones were stolen. The suspects have been detained with charges relating to malicious damage to property, position of stolen property, robbery, theft and public violence."

The suspects are expected to appear in the blue down's magistrate's court soon

Meanwhile, police will keep a close eye on bus services in and around Nyanga.

Officers were stationed at a Bochards Quarry drop off point at the entrance to the township on Tuesday.

Bus services had to be suspended on Tuesday in the area due to violence.

But a Nyanga residents says the violence was completely uncalled for.

"Yes I'm very sad for this situation. I just wish the taxi associations can sort out this situation."