Bishop Lavis shooting is gang related

Police are investigating the motives behind the shooting outside Bishop Lavis court.

Police are investigating the motives behind the shooting outside Bishop Lavis court.

CAPE TOWN - Police are investigating the exact circumstances surrounding a deadly shooting outside the Bishop Lavis Magistrates Court.

A 22-year-old man was shot and killed on Monday.

It's understood the victim was exiting court with his family when he was shot.

Another two people were wounded.

Police cordoned off the entrance to a nearby house where a bullet casing was found.

Eyewitness News has been told the 22-year-old victim was affiliated to a gang.

Family members also mentioned he was being followed and had his car tyres slashed.

Residents outside court would not speak openly about the shooting which happened next to the police station, but some residents say there's very little that the police can do.

"I don't think the police can do much about the incidents like this because when things like this happen they aren't here. They don't patrol."

Police confirmed two others were also wounded during the shooting.

The shooting involved two groups of suspects, believed to be part of two separate gangs.

A suspect from one group allegedly withdrew a knife and tried to attack an opposing gang member, who then withdrew a firearm and began firing shots at his attacker.

Police are investigating a case of murder and attempted murder.

Meanwhile, security at South Africa's courts is under scrutiny following last week's shooting incident at the Pretoria Magistrates Court during which two officers were shot.

Forensic Collision Homicide Reconstructionist said the current security in South Africa's courts is not good enough.