Porsche Macan: The best of both worlds

Jacob Moshokoa puts the new Porsche Macan through its paces.

The new Porsche Macan. Picture: Jacob Moshokoa/EWN.

FRANSCHHOEK - Mention the name Porsche and you automatically think of a luxurious sports car packed with a mean high-revving engine capable of reaching speeds you can normally only experience on a racetrack.

And when you think SUV you immediately picture a mom's taxi or a family car in which to make memories while on the annual family trip to the coast.

But can you ever mention SUV and Porsche in one sentence and expect that combination to work?

Well, the Stuttgart-based luxury vehicle manufacturer has done just that… and it's a breathtaking collaboration.

The all-new Porsche Macan has found the perfect balance between the two worlds.

EWN In The Fast Lane had the opportunity to test drive this modern compact SUV's diesel and petrol versions during its launch in the beautiful Western Cape, an appropriate setting to put a 'mom's' sports car through its paces.

With Porsche's Doppelkupplung 7-speed gearbox, the swift changes are only felt when the power (with a menacing 250kw power output on the 3.0 litre V6 version) continues increasing, whether driving uphill or sprinting through a slight bend.

Because the chassis is elevated for those shopping mall pavements, a great deal of concentration was allocated to development of the vehicle's suspension.

The Macan features Active Suspension, which adapts to any driving condition and it also has its own (optional) air ride system, which gives the driver the opportunity to control it at any given time.

The wider rear tyres for better traction and the thinner set-up in front for more precise steering made the bends along Franschoek Pass a breeze, and at one point we couldn't decide to take in the great views or give more throttle when exiting the bends.

With all that said, any Porsche fan will have to purchase this car purely for the love of the precise German engineering as it costs a lot more than its Audi Q5 competitor.

It's a definite buy for any Porsche lover who wants a sportscar on a compact SUV chassis.

The price of this new Porsche beauty:

  • Macan S Diesel R862,000

  • Macan S Petrol R873,000

  • Macan Turbo R1,239,000