Tensions run high in CPT Marikana

An officer has been hit in the face with a rock as violence continues in the area.

Some protesters in the Marikana informal settlement were arrested on 22 August 2014. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - At least half a dozen roads leading into and out of Khayelitsha and Philippi East have been shut amid chaotic evictions.

Police have agreed to reduce the number of officers deployed to the site of evictions in the informal settlement.

At one point, officers were severely outnumbered by thousands of enraged community members, some of whom pelted law enforcement officials with stones.

People have been resisting attempts by law enforcement officials to demolish shacks which were erected illegally in the Marikana informal settlement.

An officer was hit in the face with a rock as violence continues in Marikana.

The man has since been rushed off the scene, blood gushing from his face.

Calls for calm by several community members have been ignored.

Angry protesters have been hurling rocks and other objects including empty beer bottles at officers.

Some of the people not involved in the running battles have been trying to salvage what they can from the gutted remains of what was once their home.

The City's JP Smith says the officials were executing a court order.

"That process started early this morning and almost all the structures have been cleared."

He says the land invaders resorted to extreme tactics.

"They started fires and looted and pillaged local businesses."

Meanwhile, people living in Enkanini informal settlement defied police earlier this week when they tried to move them off a vacant piece of land

Some evicted residents are adamant they will invade the vacant land opposite the informal settlement again.

They say their patience has worn thin while waiting for housing.